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Discover your Preferred Representational System

The primary ways that we represent, code, store and give meaning or language to our experiences are known as Representational systems (Rep systems). We mainly work with four rep systems which are called; visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and auditory digital. In general, one rep system is not better than another and each of us has a preferred rep system. There are several ways to determine which system each of us prefers. This test presents a preference assessment which can guide you as to your preferred rep system.

Understanding your preferred rep system can help you understand the messages that others are picking up from you and how you can then communicate better with others. Likewise knowing your preferred rep system can help you understand why you learn the way that you do and then put you in charge of resources that enable you to be a more effective learner.

For each of the following statements, please place a number next to every phrase - BUT ONLY USE EACH NUMBER ONCE PER QUESTION, AS SHOWN IN THE EXAMPLE. So there is only one statement per question rated as 4, only one as 3, one as 2 and one 1. 

Use the following system to indicate your preferences:

4 = Closest to describing you
3 = Next best description
2 = Next best
1 = Least descriptive of you

If you have trouble deciding between two of the options, go with the first thought that comes into your mind

Example I make important decisions based on:
3 gut level feelings
1 which way sounds the best
4 what looks best to me
2 precise review and study of the issues
  So what looks best to me is ranked as the closest to describing you, followed by gut level feelings, then precise review and study of the issue and finally which sounds best as the least descriptive of you. With each ranking (4-1) only being used once.
1. I make important decisions based on:
XX gut level feelings
XX which way sounds the best
XX what looks best to me
XX precise review and study of the issues
2. During an argument, I am most likely to be influenced by:
XX the other personís tone of voice
XX whether or not I can see the other personís point of view
XX the logic of the other personís argument
XX whether or not I am in touch with the other personís true feelings
3. I most easily communicate what is going on with me by:
XX the way I dress and look
XX the feelings I share
XX the words I choose
XX my tone of voice
4. It is easiest for me to:
XX find the ideal volume and tuning on a stereo system
XX select the most intellectually relevant point in an interesting subject
XX select the most comfortable furniture
XX select rich, attractive colour combinations
XX I am very attuned to the sounds of my surroundings
XX I am very adept at making sense of new facts and data
XX I am very sensitive to the way articles of clothing feel on my body
XX I have a strong response to colours and to the way a room looks
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